Teaching Cadetship Program

Become a teacher apprentice at FEU HS and start your K-12 teaching journey today!

What is the teaching apprenticeship about?

The Apprentice Program is a project of the Office of the President and was first implemented at FEU High School to bring in a cohort of pre-licensed teachers from non-Education programs to deliver quality education.

Accepted applicants enter a 6-month apprenticeship in order to qualify as a Teacher Cadet, through which they will be hired full-time and continue their training with a Teaching Certificate Program scholarship from the Institute of Education of FEU.

The objective of the program is to develop:

  • Teachers who are dedicated and service-oriented;
  • Teachers with empathy who can guide students in high school;
  • Teachers with practical and industrial knowledge and experience;
  • Teachers who are discipline-based who can extend their interest and application of the subject.

Do I qualify for the teaching apprenticeship?

If you are:

  • A non-education graduate from any FEU School with a love for their subject area
  • Passionate about teaching at the high school level and wanting to enter the teaching profession
  • Dedicated and service-oriented towards students in their formative high school years
  • With some practical or industrial knowledge and experience

Then this may be the program for you! Read on for information about applying.

Teaching Cadetship Program

Requirements to Apply

(Please submit in .PDF format.)

  • Transcript of Records showing good academic standing
  • Updated CV or resume
  • Letter of clear intent
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation from at either 2 professional connections or 1 professional and 1 academic. (See sample here.)

Send it to cadetship@feuhighschool.edu.ph.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. I’m interested in the apprenticeship! Do I qualify?
    If you are an FEU graduate with a non-education degree and dream of pursuing a career in teaching, then this could be the opportunity for you. The program is open to anyone who is passionate about teaching in K-12, particularly in their field of study. We very much welcome those who want to spread the love of their subject!
  2. I do not have any teaching experience at all! Can I still apply?
    Our program is designed to ease novices into the teaching practice. Through the apprenticeship, you will learn the ropes by shadowing the faculty and receive direct mentorship from a faculty member to prepare you for the Cadetship.
  3. How long is the application process?
    There are multiple steps towards the application and selection process for the apprenticeship. We do encourage early application, as long as the applicant has graduated from an FEU School before the start of engagement.   
  4. How long is the apprenticeship  period?
    Before the accepted applicant is recommended for the cadetship, they will undergo 6 months  of internship as a teaching assistant with FEU HS. They will be assigned a faculty mentor whom they will shadow and assist and who will guide them in return.
    The faculty mentor will facilitate the assessment and consequent recommendation of their mentee to the Teaching Cadetship.
  5. Are there benefits during the teaching apprenticeship?
    Yes, the apprentice will be given an allowance during this time. Once the apprentice has been accepted into the Cadetship, they will be hired, ranked, and compensated accordingly.
  6. Who will mentor me during the teaching apprenticeship?
    A faculty member of FEU HS will serve as a mentor for the Teacher Apprentice.
  7. Are there other areas aside from teaching that the Teacher Apprentice must participate in?
    Yes, there are many aspects of school life involved and faculty are often part of planning, enrollment, guidance, discipline, advisories in homeroom and organizations, and the like.
  8. What must be done to qualify for the Teaching Cadetship?
    Attitude and conduct befitting a teacher of FEU standards will be observed, as will attendance, preparation, participation, and dedication. By the end of the apprenticeship period, the apprentice must be able to handle a class alone, which will be observed by a panel from the Academic Department and approved by the Executive Director.
  9. What makes the Teacher Cadet distinct from a full-time faculty?
    There will be professional development programs and initiatives for Teacher Cadets to participate and lead in. Teacher Cadets should also engage in team building, in-service trainings, and planning and design with the rest of the co-faculty.
  10. How will the Teacher Cadet receive support during the new normal?
    All teachers are given tools and guidance to adjust to paradigms of work-from-home, remote or online teaching, etc. Our faculty is structured so that teachers can always report or discuss with each other in real time. FEU HS is equipped with learning management systems, resources, and library access to help them in their practice.

For more information and further inquiry, you may email us at cadetship@feuhighschool.edu.ph.

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  • Tel No: (+632) 8-849-4000 loc. 802 (trunkline)
  • Direct Line: (+632) 8-7360018
  • info@feuhighschool.edu.ph

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