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Teacher Cadetship Program

Be a Teacher Apprentice at FEU HS and start your K-12 teaching journey today!

The FEU Teacher Cadetship is a pathway to teaching specifically for non-Education majors who wish to enter the field.

Applicants start as a Teacher Apprentice for 6 months where they receive on-the-job training and mentorship from the FEU HS faculty. Successful apprentices become Teacher Cadets and receive a full-time teaching position at FEU HS and a scholarship to the Teacher Cadetship Program towards becoming a licensed K-12 teacher

The objective of the program is to develop:

  • Teachers who are dedicated and service-oriented;
  • Teachers with empathy who can guide students in high school;
  • Teachers with practical and industrial knowledge and experience;
  • Teachers who are discipline-based who can extend their interest and application of the subject.

Do I qualify for the teaching apprenticeship?


  • A non-Education graduate from any FEU School with a love for their subject area/discipline;
  • Passionate about teaching at the high school level and looking for a way to enter the teaching profession or perhaps looking for a career change;
  • Dedicated and service-oriented towards students in their formative high school years;
  • With some practical or industrial knowledge and experience.

Applicants must not be currently enrolled as a student in any institution and must be ready to commit full-time to the 6-months training program.

Application Requirements

(Please submit in .PDF format.)

  • Transcript of Records showing good academic standing
  • Updated CV or resume with 2 character references (must be academic or professional)
  • Letter of Intent (“Why do I want to teach?”)

Send your complete requirements in PDF format to cadetship@feuhighschool.edu.ph.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long is the application process?

Applications open on September 20, 2021 and end October 31, 2021. Confirmations are given in December.

2. What other qualifications do I need to apply for the Apprenticeship?

You must be of legal age and a bonafide college graduate from any FEU school. This program is a pathway for discipline-based individuals who intend to become educators. You must be prepared to commit full time for at least six (6) months for the Apprenticeship period beginning January 2022.

3. I am part of the graduating class. Can I still apply?

As long as you are fully graduated from FEU by December 2021, you are eligible. A certificate of graduation will be asked in lieu of an official Transcript of Records.

4. I do not have any teaching experience at all! Can I still apply?
Our program is designed to ease novices into the teaching practice. Through the Apprenticeship, you will learn the ropes by shadowing the faculty and receive direct mentorship from of FEU HS

5. Can I work or study during my Apprenticeship?

Apprentices should not be employed when they start their apprenticeship by any other employer or institution. Apprentices should not be enrolled in any study or education program such as MA as they will be given professional development training and education units during this time.

6. How long will the pre-training period be?

Accepted applicants will be part of the Teacher Apprenticeship. This is a full-time, on-the-job position and will last six months before you are evaluated for the Cadetship program.

7. Are there benefits during my Teaching Apprenticeship?

Apprentices will receive an allowance. If accepted into the Cadetship, they will be ranked and compensated as faculty.

8. Who will mentor me during the teaching apprenticeship?
A faculty member of FEU HS will serve as a mentor for the Teacher Apprentice.

9. Are there other areas aside from teaching that the Teacher Apprentice must participate in?
You will be immersed in many aspects of teachign and school duties like curriculum, planning, enrollment, guidance, discipline, advisories in homeroom and organizations, and the like.

10. What must I do to qualify for the Teaching Cadetship during my Apprenticeship?

Attitude and conduct befitting a teacher of FEU standards will be observed including attendance, preparation, participation, and dedication. By the end of the apprenticeship period, the apprentice must be able to demonstrate in a classroom to show proficiency in creating and delivering lessons.

Regular evaluation of the apprentice will happen during their apprenticeship. It is possible that after evaluation, as apprentice will not qualify as Cadet.

11. What happens when I become a Teacher Cadet?

Apprentices who are given an offer to become a Cadet will be granted a full scholarship to take the Teacher Certificate Program at the FEU Institute of Education. This program consists of 18 units of Education that are required for the licensure exam. It is a requirement for Cadets to complete this study within three (3) years of teaching at FEU HS.

12. What makes the Teacher Cadet distinct from a full-time faculty?
There will be programming and initiatives for Teacher Cadets to participate and lead in during their time. The program also expects Cadets to further their area of study, especially in engaging students. Teacher Cadets should also engage in team building, in-service trainings, and curriculum planning and design with the FEU HS faculty.

13. How will the Teacher Cadet receive support during remote learning?
All teachers are given tools and guidance to adjust to paradigms of work-from-home, remote or online teaching. FEU HS is equipped with learning management systems, resources, and library access to help teachers in their practice.

For more information, you may email us at cadetship@feuhighschool.edu.ph.

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