English Language Fundamentals - FEU High School

English Language Fundamentals

Course Brief

This program focuses on building mastery on the fundamental concepts in Language Arts and skills in writing through sentence  construction, paragraph composition and  essay composition with real world  problems. The program is designed for  students in almost all grade levels and is powered by RedBird

Enrolment Period: Open 

Course Duration: Subscription Basis* 

Mode of Delivery: Online (Web-based) 

Course Topics

See RedBird LA & W Course Outline for detailed topics. 

Subscription Fee 

Students learn independently at their own pace on RedBird. Students may access personalized modules powered by the adaptive AI capability of RedBird for a period of 3 months up to one (1) year. 

 3 months
Php 2,400  
 6 months  
Php 4,200.00 
 9 months  
Php 5,400.00 
 12 months  
Php 6,000.00 
  • 20% discount to currently enrolled FEU HS students 
  • 10% discount to currently enrolled FEU students and siblings of FEU HS students 

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