Frequently Asked Questions

What is FEU Academy?

FEU Academy is an online learning facility of FEU High School that offers online short courses and training to all learners who want to advance their academic knowledge, learn new skills, hone their talents, and develop their passion. 

How is this different to FEU High School or any other schools? 

Unlike other schools, FEU Academy does not offer formal basic education or tertiary education. All students can freely choose which course to enroll depending on their needs and interests.  

I am not an FEU student, am I eligible to enroll in your short courses? 

Yes! Even if you’re not a regular FEU student, you can enroll in any courses of your choice. 

How much is the course fee? 

Fees vary from one course to another. You may view the course fees in the course catalog

How do I pay my course fee? 

You can pay through Dragonpay and its partner merchants. Your billing information as well as instructions will be sent to your email upon enrolling to your desired course. 

Do you have free courses? 

FEU Academy offers free courses from time to time. Follow FEU Academy on facebook at https://facebook.com/thefeuacademy to keep updated on our latest offers or visit the course catalog

How long is the short course? 

Duration varies from one course to another. Some may take only a day, a week or up to months. While some programs like the <Learning Acceleration Program> is on a monthly subscription basis. 

What is the class schedule? 

Schedule varies from one course to another. There are short courses that will require you to attend live webinars and/or synchronous classes while most will be in asynchronous mode so you can learn at your own space and in your own time. 

Is this an online or face-to-face class? 

Courses offered here are primarily online and use MS Teams and Canvas for learning.  

What is Canvas? 

Canvas is the official Learning Management System of FEU Group of Schools and FEU Academy. This is where you’ll gain access to modules, lessons, quizzes, and grades. 

How can I have free access to Office 365? 

If you are not an FEU student, we will give you an FEU Academy Office 365 account. This account will be used to access your Office 365 applications such as MS outlook, MS Teams, and other educational technology resources such as Canvas, ALEKS/Redbird, and others required.  

This account will be deactivated upon 6 months of inactivity. 

What is ALEKS and Redbird? 

ALEKS and Redbird are advanced technology products from one of the world’s leading publishing companies, McGrawHill Education. These products are artificial intelligence (AI) adaptive learning technologies that customize the student’s learning modules and path based on what the student knows and does not know. Students enrolled in <Learning Acceleration Program> gain access to these applications. 

Do you have discounts and promos? 

We offer discounts to FEU students who wish to avail themselves of the Learning Acceleration Program. For non-FEU students, follow FEU Academy on Facebook at https://facebook.com/thefeuacademy to keep updated on our latest promos.

For more info, send us an email at info@feuacademy.ph

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