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FEU High School is proud to announce its newest educational program open to all Filipino learners. The FEU Academy, a new educational initiative of FEU HS, is a remote and flexible learning facility open to FEU and non-FEU students who would like to take (academic) advancement and enrichment programs or learn new (non-academic) skills. This year, we are offering the first of Academy’s program, the Learning Acceleration Program. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisted Learning Acceleration Program is offered for skills building and intervention programs in Mathematics, Language Arts, and Writing in partnership with McGraw-Hill, one of the world’s leading publishing company. 

Students enrolled in our program will be able to: 

  • Build their mastery on knowledge and skills with individualized AI assisted learning powered by ALEKS and RedBird 
  • Get coached by teachers from FEU High School 
  • Interact with co-students enrolled under the same program 

Enroll your child today and benefit from one of the world’s leading educational innovation. 

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FEU Academy

Math Fundamentals

This program provides effective intervention for math students at almost any level (for grades 3-12) and is powered by ALEKS. To know more about ALEKS, read here.

FEU Academy

College Math Preparedness

College Math Preparedness is an artificial intelligence (AI) aided program that covers the math topics usually included in college entrance achievement and admissions tests like the SATs and APTs. This course is powered by ALEKS. To learn more about ALEKS, read here.

FEU Academy

English Language Fundamentals

This program focuses on building mastery on the fundamental concepts in Language Arts and skills in writing through sentence construction, paragraph composition and essay composition with real world problems. The program is designed for students in almost all grade levels, thanks to the AI algorithm of RedBird. To know more about Redbird, read here.

Message from the Program Head

Congratulations on choosing FEU Academy! We are so excited to be part of your child’s learning endeavor. 

At the heart of Far Eastern University is a desire to deliver a complete educational experience worthy of an individual who is passionate about learning. At FEU Academy, you are in for an Accelerated Learning experience. 

With FEU Academy, we make it possible for you. The FEU Academy, a new educational initiative of FEU HS, is a flexible learning facility open to FEU and non-FEU students who would like to take (academic) advancement and enrichment programs or learn new (non-academic) skills. Our growing curriculum, with the help of our faculty and learning partners, is now available to you with a touch of a button. Whether you want to enhance your own knowledge or learn something new, there is a place for you at FEU Academy. Check in with our faculty for guidance and consultation on your learning path. Choose special areas to grow your knowledge base or try a topic to quench your curiosity. 

FEU Academy is now open. Let’s start today. 


Carmen Ma. M. Luz 

Program Head, FEU Academy

FEU Academy

Our Learning Framework 

    FEU Academy


    With Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology such as ALEKS and RedBird, modules and exercises are individualized and customized according to what the student know and does not know, and what the student needs to learn and improve. 

    FEU Academy


    Celebrate small wins with immediate feedback. Furthermore, as students increase mastery of skills in Math, Language, and Writing, s/he will be more confident in school and in facing the world.  

    FEU Academy

    Student Agency

    Students are empowered to be in control of their own learning. Students learn independently at their own pace. They can keep track of their own learning progress, develop discipline, be motivated to accomplish learning goals, and develop ownership of their whole learning experience. 

    For inquiries, you may check this link: bit.ly/inquire-feuacademy.

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