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Everyday is an opportunity to learn

FEU Academy is a remote and flexible learning platform open to FEU and non-FEU students. It offers short courses and learning solutions for students of all ages who want to advance their academic knowledge, learn new skills, hone their talents, and develop their passion. FEU Academy uses the following learning framework: 

FEU Academy


With Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology such as ALEKS and RedBird, modules and exercises are individualized and customized according to what the student know and does not know, and what the student needs to learn and improve. 

FEU Academy


Celebrate small wins with immediate feedback. Furthermore, as students increase mastery of skills in Math, Language, and Writing, s/he will be more confident in school and in facing the world.  

FEU Academy

Student Agency

Students are empowered to be in control of their own learning. Students learn independently at their own pace. They can keep track of their own learning progress, develop discipline, be motivated to accomplish learning goals, and develop ownership of their whole learning experience. 

Our Programs

FEU Academy

Learning Acceleration Program (LAP)

FEU Academy offers online tutorial courses for learners in K to 12 to help them build their foundational knowledge and skills in Mathematics, English, and Science through the Learning Acceleration Program (LAP). This program is powered by ALEKS and Redbird, products of the world’s leading publishing company, McGrawHill Education.

FEU Academy


The SariHub Program is designed to help students learn 21st century soft and hard skills, hone their talents, discover their interests, and explore their potential. FEU Academy partners with industry professionals and educators to develop short courses that match the personal interests and global, industry and professional needs of today’s learners and workforce.

FEU Academy

Teach at FEU Academy

Do you have a short course or training program you want to share with more learners? Be part of FEU Academy. 

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