Frequently Asked Questions

Application for Admissions

When will the application for FEU HS Admission Test resume?

The FEU High School Admission Test for incoming Grade 11 students for SY 2020-2021 has been cancelled to comply with social distancing. For more info visit:

My documents for application are not complete. Can I still apply?

You may apply with any or all of the three requirements. However, those with complete requirements will be given priority for quota strands.

How do I know if I have been accepted to FEU HS?

You will receive an acceptance or rejection letter in the email you indicated in the application form. You may also view the list of passers through this link: or you can email us at or call/text 0936-808-1280 during office hours.

I passed! What do I do next?

Congratulations! You are now ready to enroll. Please follow the instructions on this page:

I have been accepted to FEU HS but not in the strand I want. Can I still enroll?

You may only enroll in the strands you were accepted into. However, as per CMO 105 s2017, SHS graduates from any strand are eligible to enroll in any course they prefer in college. You may read more here.


How do I apply for the Sarimanok Scholarship?

The Sarimanok Scholarship is by invitation only. Students who obtain the highest scores in the FEU HS Admission test will be notified via email by the Registrar.

Am I eligible for the Academic Achievement Scholarship?
How do we apply for the Academic Achievement Scholarship?

If you are eligible, (see above) you may send an application letter to and attach a certificate of batch ranking from your school’s registrar’s or principal’s office.

I am an incoming Grade 12 student, am I still eligible to apply for Academic Achievement Scholarship?

The Academic Achievement scholarship for Grade 12 is by invitation only. The Registrar will inform eligible incoming Grade 12 students if they qualify.

Until when are you going to accept scholarship applications?

Applications will be accepted while slots are still available.

How do I know if my scholarship application has been approved?

If you qualify to any of the scholarship types, the Registrar will directly notify you via email.

Enrollment and Slot Reservation

How do I enroll?

Off-site enrollment is available for those who wish to enroll remotely. You may view the details through this link:

When can I enroll for Grade 12?

Grade 12 enrollment is ongoing. Moreover, we have automatically pre-enrolled all Grade 11 students who have been promoted to Grade 12. The details are in the Canvas Bulletin. Please also visit: for more information.

Do I need to reserve a slot for Grade 12?

There is no need to reserve slots for Gr 12. You may proceed to enrollment once you are promoted and are cleared.

Do you accept new students for Grade 12?

No, we do not.

What is the deadline for enrollment?

In response to the extension of the ECQ, the deadline for enrollment has been extended to June 30.

Do I need to reserve first before I enroll?

No. You may proceed directly to enrollment if you are ready with all documentation. You may view the details through this link:

What do I do if I am not able to reserve a slot?

You may proceed directly to enrollment. You may view the details through this link:

My requirements are incomplete. Am I allowed to enroll?

Yes. Visit to find out how.

Am I expected to have internet access away from school if I enroll in FEU HS?

Yes. Even before the ECQ, students in FEU High were expected to have the capability to access their Canvas accounts at home via the internet. FEU High has also announced that SY 2020-21 shall be delivered FULLY ONLINE in the interest of health and safety.

School Year 2020-2021

When will SY 2020-2021 begin?

The first day of classes for Grade 11 is July 8, 2020. While Grade 12 Batch A and B will begin July 6 and 7 respectively.

Will we have to go to school at the beginning of the SY?

No. Your safety is important to us. In order for you to stay home, the curriculum will be delivered FULLY ONLINE.

Will we be required to wear the uniform while studying online?

No. However, your appearance for video submissions and lessons must be neat and tidy and your outfit must fit the dress code.

What platform will be used for online classes?

FEU High School has been using the learning management system, Canvas, since its inception in 2015. Know more HERE

Until when will the classes be delivered fully online?

Online classes will go on until Management has assessed that it is safe for students and employees to return to campus. You will be informed of the decision ahead of time to give you ample time to prepare.

Will the school fees be adjusted?

We have reduced our fees! Read this. The discount will either be deducted from subsequent payables or refunded, if in excess. Request for an assessment HERE.

Will I be expected to be connected to the internet the whole day?

No. Our method of delivery will be largely asynchronous and all synchronous activities shall be announced ahead of time.

Is it ok to start in July even if DepEd schools will start on August 24?

According to DO 7 series of 2020, private schools are allowed to open after June provided no face to face classes are administered before August 24. To read the DepEd Order visit:

Why are you starting earlier than public schools?

DepEd schools are starting later but will be conducting Saturday classes. FEU High School wishes to avoid having weekend classes. Furthermore, the first few weeks will be for extended Schola Brevis where students will be familiarizing themselves with the learning management system and relearning how to learn online.


How much is the tuition fee for incoming Grade 11 students?

Please fill up this request FORM or call 0977-4841681 (Globe) or 0929-3606540 (Smart).

How much is the tuition fee for incoming Grade 12 students?

Please fill up this request FORM or call 0977-4841681 (Globe) or 0929-3606540 (Smart). Indicate student’s name, section and student number.

Can I refund the P5,000 I paid for the reservation fee?

No, the reservation fee is non-refundable. However, the amount will credited towards your school fee.

Can I get the reservation fee transferred to another FEU school?

It is possible. Please send an email to to make a request. You may also call 0977-4841681 (Globe) or 0929-3606540 (Smart).

If I already paid a reservation fee, what is the minimum amount that I need to pay to enroll?

The minimum amount to enroll is P17,000. Since you already paid P5,000, you only need to pay a minimum of P12,000 more. Please send the proof of payment for both to

How do I avail of the voucher?

For voucher applications, you may check this LINK for the PEAC Online Voucher Application Portal.

I still have a voucher refund from DepEd from Grade 11. Will this be deducted from my Grade 12 fees?


How do I find out my school fee balance?

Send an email to or call 0929-360-6543 (Smart) or 0977-484-1681 (Globe). Please indicate the student’s name, section, and student number.

What are FEU High School’s bank details?

For bank deposits, you may refer to these details:
• Bank: Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
• Account name: FEU High School Inc.
• Account number: 1581 0021 29

What are the available payment options?

Payments can be made to the school account through the following payment options:
• BPI Express Online
• GCash
• PayMaya
• Online banking transfer to another bank feature
For more info visit

Do you have other banks or payment centers?

No but you can pay in other banks and payment centers using DragonPay. Find out how:

Do you accept credit card payments?

No, not yet. But please keep checking our Facebook page and this website to keep updated. We expect to offer credit card payments soon.

I paid for the admission test fee (P300), but I couldn’t take the admission test due to ECQ. Is it refundable?

The admission test fee (P300) will be credited towards your school fees. If, in the case that you do not continue with FEU HS, the amount will be refunded to you and processed once offices open.


How do we access Canvas?

Canvas accounts will be provided to newly enrolled students before the start of the school year.

Do we need to be connected to the internet to access the learning materials on this platform?

Yes, Canvas requires an internet connection. However, once the learning materials have been downloaded, you may access them offline. 

What hardware may I use to access my Canvas account?

Any computer or tablet that has a browser may be used. You may use your laptops and PCs. Moreover, a Canvas mobile app may be downloaded via App Store and Google Play to access your account using your smart phones. 

What web browsers are used to access Canvas?

Canvas works well with Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox.

How can I be alerted if there are new posts on my Canvas inbox?

You may activate Canvas notifications so you can receive updates via SMS. FEU High School also posts #YGM (You’ve Got Mail) announcements on the official school FB Page to remind students of important school-wide updates.

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