Learning Acceleration Program

Learning Acceleration Program tutorial courses use Redbird and ALEKS, adaptive learning technologies that customize the student’s learning modules and path based on what the student knows and does not know. If the student is struggling with a topic, Redbird and ALEKS will give the student practice exercises and explanations in text, audio, and video formats until mastery is gained. 

Students enrolled in our program will be able to:  

    Learning Acceleration Program

    Build mastery on knowledge & skills with individualized AI-assisted learning powered by ALEKS and Redbird.

    Learning Acceleration Program

    Get coached by teachers from FEU High School.

    Learning Acceleration Program

    Interact with co-students enrolled under the same program.

    What is ALEKS and RedBird?

    Learning Acceleration Program

    ALEKS uses artificial intelligence to determine what you know, what you don’t know, and what you are most ready to learn. ALEKS then creates a personalized learning plan that gets you to the finish line in the most efficient way. Learn more

    Learning Acceleration Program

    RedBird uses artificial intelligence to determine what you know, what you don’t know, and what you are most ready to learn. It personaliozed the experience for each student by delivering the most appropriate path through the curriculum. Learn more

    LAP Courses 

    Learning Acceleration Program

    Math Fundamentals 

    This program provides effective intervention for math students at almost any level (for grades 3-12) and is powered by ALEKS. Learn more 

    Learning Acceleration Program

    English Language Fundamentals

    This program focuses on building mastery on the fundamental concepts in Language Arts and skills in writing through sentence construction, paragraph composition and essay composition with real world. Learn more

    Learning Acceleration Program

    Senior High School Chemistry 

    This course allows 11th grade students to acquire fundamental ideas of composition, structure, properties, kinetics, and energetics of transformation of matter. Learners will develop mastery of content as well as its real-life applications through comprehensive discussions, and detailed step-by-step solutions to chemistry problems. Learn more

    Learning Acceleration Program

    College Math Preparedness 

    This program is for Senior High School students who are preparing for college or college students who are seeking intervention for their college math subjects. Learn more

    Subscription Fees

    Our Learning Acceleration Program is offered on a subscription basis. Enroll anytime and study at your own pace. Subscribe to our monthly plan now at a convenient pricing. Available in 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and annual subscription. We offer discounts to currently registered FEU HS students and their siblings, and currently registered students from other FEU schools. Upon submission of your enrollment form, you will receive your billing details and payment instructions.

     3 months 
     Php 2,400  
     6 months  
    Php 4,200.00 
     9 months  
    Php 5,400.00 
     12 months  
    Php 6,000.00 
    • 20% discount to currently enrolled FEU HS students 
    • 10% discount to currently enrolled FEU students and siblings of FEU HS students 

    Payment Method

    Payment is made easy with DragonPay. Billing information and payment links will be sent to your registered e-mail address.

    Watch FEU Academy’s Learning Acceleration Program

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