Learning Acceleration Program

FEU Academy is proud to announce its first Learning Program in partnership with McGrawHill, one of the world’s leading and most awarded instructional solutions today. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisted Learning Acceleration Program (LEAP) is offered for skills building and intervention programs in Mathematics, Language Arts, and Writing. It is powered by McGrawHill’s AI products named ALEKS and Redbird which are both web-based assessment and adaptive learning system that use AI algorithm to customize student learning. ALEKS and Redbird use adaptive questioning to track what a student knows or does not know in a subject, then, presents to the student only the set of topics a student is ready to learn at a given time. Think of it as your personal AI tutor. These adaptive learning tools are rooted in more than 20 years of research and analytics from world top universities.  

Students enrolled in our program will be able to:  

  • Build their mastery on knowledge and skills with individualized AI assisted learning powered by ALEKS and RedBird  
  • Get coached by teachers from FEU High School  
  • Interact with co-students enrolled under the same program  

Enroll your child today and benefit from one of the world’s leading educational innovation. 

Our Learning Framework 

    Learning Acceleration Program


    With Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology such as ALEKS and RedBird, modules and exercises are individualized and customized according to what the student know and does not know, and what the student needs to learn and improve. 

    Learning Acceleration Program


    Celebrate small wins with immediate feedback. Furthermore, as students increase mastery of skills in Math, Language, and Writing, s/he will be more confident in school and in facing the world.  

    Learning Acceleration Program

    Student Agency

    Students are empowered to be in control of their own learning. Students learn independently at their own pace. They can keep track of their own learning progress, develop discipline, be motivated to accomplish learning goals, and develop ownership of their whole learning experience. 

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    For inquiries, send us a message at bit.ly/inquire-feuacademy 


    ALEKS® creates an optimized path with an ongoing cycle of learning and assessment, celebrating students’ small wins along the way with positive real-time feedback. Rooted in research and analytics, ALEKS® improves student outcomes by fostering better preparation, increased motivation and knowledge retention. 

    Learning Acceleration Program

    RedBird Language Arts & Writing 

    Redbird is a digital education developed by Standford University. It is an adaptive learning technology rooted by more than 25 years of research. Redbird personalizes the experience for each student by delivering he most appropriate path through the curriculum. Designed for Grades 2 to 7, it enables students to master the language arts and concepts and build strong foundational grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing skills 

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    Benefits of Personalized Learning:

    • Provide a self-paced, adaptive learning experience 
    • Engage students at their specific point on learning continuum 
    • Leverage real-time progress data to help drive in achievement 
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