Accredited Student Organizations

For School Year 2020-2021

Association of Young Accountants
The Association of Young Accountants (AYA) is an organization for Accountancy, Business, and Management (ABM) students that develops young accountants’ business and accountancy skills, concepts and strategies through different activities, seminars and/or workshops, and other interactive events. AYA  envisions that young accountants would be confident, disciplined, responsible, trustworthy, and professional accountants in the future. They would develop educational and behavioral progress in the field of Accountancy and business industry.
Broadcasting Media Society
The Broadcasting Media Society (BMS) is the official broadcasting media organization of the FEU High School that aims to produce quality news and programs with no bias and is inclined to keep the audience informed about the activities inside the campus. All finished outputs are posted to the official media page of the FEU High School, BTM Network. 
Eureka Science Organization
The Eureka Science Organization is a group that  works together to develop and implement long-term programs filled with impactful science-extensive activities that delivers measurable outcomes to produce principled and competent graduates who are ready for college. The organization responds to the needs of the community through science, expanding the level of mindfulness of the community in scientific issues, and giving information asset, ultimately cultivating the young minds of its members and creating an era of visionary students committed to Science. 
FEU High School Cheer Cadets (Cheering Squad)
The FEU High School Cheering Squad – Cadets is a non-academic organization that specializes in providing beats and cheers to different student-based organizations, and departments in the FEU community. It is an organization that manages off classes education covering spatial, linguistic, interpersonal, bodily-kinesthetic, and musical intelligence. It also provides assistance to the FEU athletic teams through trainings, seminars and tutorials for its members and the rest of the FEU High School Community.
FEU High School Dance League – AdHoc
FEU High School Dance League – AdHoc (FDL-AdHoc) is a dance organization that aims for dancing to become a discipline and a lifestyle influenced by various dance styles, mostly hip-hop, based on their own interpretation of the music and aims to enhance the potential of each dancer not only in the field of hip-hop, but also in many other genres. FDL-AdHoc wants to utilize dancing as a creative tool of learning and development within our communities in order to give people the opportunity to realize their creative potential as well as improve their social, personal, and artistic prospects in life. 
FEU High School Harmonic Singers
The FEU HS Harmonic Singers, a non-academic and a performing organization in FEU High School.  They are advocates who promote Philippine culture through choral music. The FEU HS Harmonic Singers provides a venue for its members to grow as artists who possess a deep appreciation for choral music. It strengthens their love and passion for music through the continuous pursuit of excellence in choral singing, and by serving as ambassadors of goodwill for the FEU High School community.
FEU High School Music Society
The FEU High School Music Society is a singing organization that aims to be a sanctuary for musicians who hopes to further enrich their musical capabilities, express emotions, and release stress. FEUHS Music Soceity aims to represent and to carry FEU High School’s name as organization of thinking and creative performing artists and scholars transforming the FEU High School community through ideas, sound, and movement. 
FEU High School Student Government
The FEU High School Student Government (FEUHSSG), established in 2016, serves as the highest student-governing body of the FEU High School. As a unified student organization, it is committed to embodying democratic principles and promoting students’ welfare by leading them towards a progressive community. Guided by the University’s core values of Fortitude, Excellence, and Uprightness, the FEUHSSG envisions shaping exceptionally competent leaders and world-changers of the future.
Health Allied Association
Health Allied Association is an organization that provides aid to its members to promote the essence of being an aspiring medical professional with character and perception where they can improve their talent and skills with the help of seminars and trainings. It also aims to produce  competent students in the field of the Health and Care services of their community. 
Junior Peers Organization
The Junior Peers is an organization that aims to raise awareness to all the misconceptions of Mental Health and to provide opportunities for intercommunication and the development of socialization skills to other students through group dynamics and other activities. It is also an organization that seeks to provide comfort, to give value to each individual, and to promote positive atmosphere.
One Psych Community
One Psych Community is an organization with a mission is to spread awareness regarding mental health to each individual in FEU High School. It is an organization that conducts mental health seminars and activities that would help each individual in FEU High School in expressing their perspectives and at the same time broaden their ideas about mental health.
Sarimanok Dance Troupe
The Sarimanok Dance Troupe (SDT) is an organization geared towards delivering a message by providing knowledge and enlightening the mass through dance arts. SDT is all about conserving and preserving the existence of the Filipino cultural heritage along with promoting positive beliefs and learnings that will enhance the skills of the next generation dancers. SDT aims to be a prime cultural and modern dance group in and outside FEUHS and be one of the frontrunners in cultivating cultural dance education and dance arts who expresses social issues and people’s rights through dancing.
The Junior Advocate
The Junior Adicate is the official student publication of FEU High School. It serves the FEU High School community by producing quality campus journalism. The student publication is committed to the society by upholding today’s values of diversity, right to freedom of expression, community engagement, and critical reasoning. It is an organization that is main existent is to inform, educate, entertain, and provide the students of FEU High School an authentic and accurate news by creating a platform to express ideas as well as the proper dissemination of information.
Young Leaders for Environment
Young Leaders for Environment is an organization in FEU High School which envision a clean, safe, habitable and sustainable environment. This organization builds camaraderie among FEU High School students and people in different communities to protect and pursue a sustainable development in improving the environmental state of our various areas by the means of 4R’s objective—Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover.
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