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Data Privacy Notice for Students Applying for Admission to FEU High School

FEU High School Admissions and Financial Assistance is committed to protecting and upholding the rights of applicants and students, including their right to keep personal information private. In compliance with Republic Act 10173, otherwise known as the Data Privacy Act of 2012, and guided by the principles of transparency, legitimate purpose, and proportionality, this policy statement sets out the data-privacy rights of applicants in FEU High School and describes the information that may be collected from them; the collection methods and timing of collection; the purposes for which the data may be used; the storage, transmission, and method of use of such data; the conditions under which data are shared with third parties; the data retention period; and the rules that govern the students’ participation when they are asked to share their personal information.

  1. Identity of the Process Owner and its Services

The Admissions and Financial Assistance (AFA) manages the institution’s admissions processes, including student recruitment, applicant screening, and selection of students applying for admission to various academic programs in the university. The AFA is also responsible for the management of financial assistance which includes university-funded and externally funded scholarship grants.

Admissions and Financial Assistance also works closely with the Registrar’s Office (RO), Information Technology Services (ITS), Finance Office, and Academic Services and Student Affairs (ASSA) to ensure a smooth process and quality student experience of applicants during their admission process.

  • Personal Data that are Collected

    The following personal data are collected:
    • Personal details such as complete name, birth date, place of birth, sex at birth, birth order, gender identity, civil status, number of siblings, religion, awards received, and identification photos;
    • Parents/guardians’ information such as complete name, occupation, place of work, education credentials;
    • Contact information such as current and permanent address, email address, telephone number, mobile number;
    • Pre-FEU High School academic credentials and other relevant circumstances, former schools attended, academic performance, and disciplinary record;
    • Other information for the purpose of designing and implementing proactive student services and programs may be collected when warranted, which will be specified in Consent Forms.
  • Collection Methods and Timing of Collection

The applicant’s personal data are primarily collected and acquired in many forms. This may be through written records, photographic images, and digital/electronic means. The data are collected when students apply for admission to the university through online registration in its admission system, and when students proceed with their enrollment applications. The collection of data may also happen in survey of the students’ preference of courses.

  • Purpose(s) for which Personal Data will be Collected and Used

    For the efficient admission process and management of school records, personal data are collected and used for the following purposes:
    • evaluating the admission application of the student to the institution;
    • processing acceptance or confirmation of new students in preparation for enrollment;
    • evaluating and processing of scholarship applications, grants, allowances, reports to benefactors, and other forms of financial assistance;
    • generating reports for research purposes such as exploring students’ backgrounds and  characteristics, etc.
    • generating reports for intervention programs for better academic and campus experiences such guidance and counseling, language enrichment programs, academic support, etc.
    • communicating admission-related, enrollment-related, and scholarship-related advisories, announcements, and activities.
  • Storage and Transmission of Personal Information

FEU High School Admissions and Financial Assistance shall ensure that all collected personal data are stored in secured storage facilities to avoid unauthorized access to this sensitive personal information. Personal data are stored in physical and electronic systems with appropriate organizational, physical, and technical security measures.

Through coordination with ITS, AFA shall ensure that only authorized staff shall have access to each student’s personal information only for the purposes cited in Section 4.

Storage of personal data in cloud-based platforms is managed by ITS in partnership with third-party providers, subject to applicable laws and regulations and information security measures.

  • Method of Use

The collected data are processed in relation to the purposes and uses stipulated in Section IV.  The term “processing” shall be subject to the same Definitions and Implementing Rules and Regulations as are found in the Data Privacy Act, which include collection, recording, organization, storage, updating or modification, retrieval, use, consolidation, erasure, or destruction of data.

  • Third-Party Transfer

In accordance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012, AFA will use and transfer the collected data to provide efficient services to its stakeholders, primarily students and parents. It may share the data with various offices within the institution such as the Registrar’s Office, Finance, Academic Affairs Office, Academic Services and Student Affairs Office, etc. 

Sharing of individually identifiable personal data with FEU Schools or other third parties is prohibited unless the data subject gives consent to the Admissions Office that he/she desires to enroll in another FEU campus instead of his/her first preference during online registration or expressly waives this restriction in writing and when the data subject personally applied for a scholarship grant from FEU High School’s external benefactors.

Data sharing and disclosure may happen in the following circumstances:

  1. awarding of scholarship grants;
    1. sharing of data to external benefactors, donors, and organizations for scholarship purposes;
    1. sharing of accomplishments for promotional purposes;
    1. transfer of personal information to another FEU subsidiary for admission upon consent of the student
    1. use of photos and other information to promote the institution.
  • Retention Period

The personal information of the applicants will be retained for active use for a period of one year following the validity of their admission test results. For applicants who will not proceed with FEU High School, their personal information will be inactivated for archiving. On the other hand, personal information of those who will proceed with their enrollment will be retained in the databases of the institution in perpetuity.

  • Participation of Data Subject

FEU High School warrants the following rights of the data subjects:

  1. have access to their personal data;
    1. receive notifications if there are changes to this Privacy Policy;
    1. have the option to request data erasure and disposal due to unauthorized processing upon the submission of a notarized written letter;
    1. be compensated due to suffered damages arising from inaccurate, incomplete, outdated, false, unlawfully obtained, unauthorized release, or unauthorized use of personal data based upon the findings of an investigation conducted by the University or by a duly authorized third party and provided that the process of investigation has been vetted by the concerned parties;
    1. have the right to rectify errors or inaccuracies in their personal data upon submission of necessary documents; and
    1. have the right to unsubscribe to the university mailing database.

For inquiries regarding the processing of personal information stated in this Privacy Notice as well as any concerns or complaints regarding data privacy, or the exercise of the rights of the students as a Data Subject under DPA, students may contact the Data Protection Officer at:

The Data Protection Officer

FEU High School

Nicanor Reyes St., Sampaloc, Manila

Landline: +632 8494000 loc 800


For comments, students may also contact the Admissions and Financial Assistance at or call (02) 8849-4000 loc 802.

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Data Privacy Notice for Students Applying for Admission to FEU High School

Consent From Students Applying for Admission to FEU High School

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