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Guidance Office for Counseling, Assessment, Research, and Evaluation (GOCARE)

About the Office

The Guidance Office for Counseling, Assessment, Research, and Evaluation (GOCARE) offers a comprehensive guidance program based on the ASCA National Standards which focuses on the needs of all students in three areas of development: academic, career, and personal/social. Guided by the core values of Fortitude, Excellence, and Uprightness, the guidance program aims to assist students in acquiring lifelong learning skills, making rightful decisions, and developing and maximizing their potential to succeed in their chosen field of endeavor.

I. Information Service

The Information Service is grounded on the 3-point objective of Prevention, Remediation, and Development of maximum potential.

Prevention in order that the students can make informed choices; remediation in order that the students may be able to surmount ongoing concerns through new learnings; and lastly, in order that the students reach their maximum potential through the acquisition of new skills. This service also caters to other members of the school community such as the faculty and parents.

The Information service concerns itself with all the information-dissemination activities of the GOCARE department which includes, but is not limited to, undertakings such as:

  • Seminars
  • Self-Help E-Modules
  • Mental Health month activities
  • Homeroom Guidance Classes which are anchored from ASCA (American School Counselors Association) competencies for K-12 focusing mainly on the Academic, Career, and Social-Emotional domains of the student’s life and competencies aligned with the Department of Education
II. Individual Inventory Service

It is a cumulative record for each student containing information continuously collected throughout their stay in the school that may be used to better cater to the personal needs of each student.

III. Testing Service

GOCARE is equipped with a variety of standardized tests for students which aim to measure student’s academic achievement, aptitude, emotional intelligence, and interest.

IV. Counseling Service

Counseling Service is “the heart” of school counseling which will embark upon the student’s developmental needs. It focuses on students who have social/emotional, academic, and career concerns. It also assists an individual (or small group) in resolving personal, social, or psychological problems and difficulties, usually by a professional.

  1. Routine Interview – It is conducted to establish rapport and to know more about the students in terms of self, family, academic/school concerns, peer relations and other relevant information.
  2. Individual Counseling – It is a one-on-one session with a student who need help in decision-making, defining goals and solving problems related to social-emotional, academic/education and career concerns.
  3. Group Guidance and Counseling – A service which allows the counselor to serve several students simultaneously and which allow the students to explore personal and social problems in the security of the peer group.
  4. Peer Counseling – Junior Peers Organization (JPO), the student arm of GOCARE, acts as a support group for fellow students experiencing maladjustments and other related experiences that may hinder effective learning and school success. JPO offers peer-to-peer support and encourages student referrals while promoting mental well-being, resilience, and holistic growth in each student. JPO facilitates activities that promote well-being such as creative therapies.
The Junior Peers Organization (JPO)
V. Referral and Follow-up Service

Referral Service aims to provide appropriate and effective support to initiate a suitable plan of action for students at various levels of need. To provide a system of support to students in need of more intensive assistance from external mental health professionals. To provide a platform wherein teachers and parents (and other students) can bring up the concerns of other students who may be needing counseling and other forms of assistance. Sources of referral can be from concerned peers, faculty, other school personnel, and family.

Follow-up Service is to follow through with students who have undergone counseling or have been referred to external professionals for further assistance.

VI. Career Placement

Through equitable access to functional career guidance, students will be equipped with the necessary skills that will prepare them whether for employment or further education.

VII. Consultation Service

GOCARE provides consultation services in which the professional expertise of the guidance counselors especially in the field of mental health, may be sought in the form of recommendation, facilitation, and collaboration. This service may be conducted with school administrators, faculty, students, and parents.

VIII. Research and Evaluation

Research is a service-oriented activity conducted to discover new knowledge, advance current knowledge, and substantiate theory.

Program Evaluation is a program-oriented activity that seeks to collect relevant information and to measure the effectiveness of the GOCARE program and what areas or activities need to improve.

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