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Data Privacy Notice

FEU High School, Inc.

FEU High School (FEU HS), Inc., is an educational institution dedicated to providing high-quality secondary education so that its students, teachers, and other stakeholders are able to build good lives through engaging work and lifelong learning. Our curriculum is student-centered and is designed to enable students to gain insights into ways they flourish as individuals and as upstanding members of the wider community.

To attain the vision the administration has set for FEU HS, its employees, among other operational requirements, must collect, process, and store (among other actions) the students’ personal data as well as the data of their parents or guardians. FEU HS is dedicated to upholding the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (DPA) and protecting the privacy of its students, their parents, and their guardians.


1. The school collects, processes, and stores personal information from the time a potential applicant engages with the school regarding his or her application for admission to FEU HS.

The school collects personal information from the applicants, their parents, or their guardians in order to confirm their legal identity, and whether or not the students are qualified to attend FEU HS in the grade and strand for which they apply. The school also gathers the parents’ and guardians’ information and contact details in order to fulfill various 

FEU HS requirements. The school must know who is primarily responsible for the student’s domestic and familial environment, to communicate with them, view the students’ grades, and to send important announcements mainly through the Canvas parent app. During admissions, the school collects information such as the students’, parents’ or guardians’ personal profile, academic and medical records, contact information, and payment arrangements (terms, vouchers, discounts, and scholarships).

Secondary data processing is also done to analyze the general group profile of applicants so that the school may better serve them, and refine the communications for future applications. This type of data analysis does not expose individual identities.

The data acquired from applicants may sometimes be shared with other FEU institutions. This information is used to make better decisions in strategy and planning

2. The school gathers, generates, processes, and safekeeps personal information collected from the enrollment period until the student leaves or graduates from FEU HS.

The school handles and processes personal information, including images, on their academic performance and extra-curricular activities while they are enrolled in FEU HS. Attendance, punctuality records, and records of any behavior requiring medical attention, counselling, or legal and disciplinary actions are recorded by the school. The school also tracks parents, guardians, or family members’ participation in school events or times when their attention is needed to address behavioral or performance difficulties of the students. This information is primarily used to gauge if the educational programs offered by the school are effective for each of the students and determine what else needs to be done to guarantee that they have a positive experience in FEU HS. Images and information about student achievements are also featured through digital, online, and print media for marketing purposes. Such information will be kept for three (3) years or in perpetuity in compliance with DepEd regulations.

Personal data of concerned students are shared within the organization through Educational Technology (EdTech), Information Technology Services (ITS), and other educational resource providers subscribed to FEU HS. This is to enable these providers to set up individual accounts for the students so they can benefit from these tools and resources. The Department of Education also requires that personal information of students, grades, and other academic records, be submitted to them. Some data, especially regarding academic performance and well-being may also be shared with the students’ parents or guardians through the Canvas Parent App or through reports. This is to ensure a smooth home-school partnership to help ensure the academic success of the student.


FEU HS has automated its admissions and enrolment with an education resource planning (EdRP) system that is online, secure, and is managed by Far Eastern University (FEU Main). In FEU HS, the Admissions and Registration Office (ARO) is responsible for the proper and secure use of the system and has the support of the IT Services Department. Academic records, including report cards and transcripts, are generated using the EdRP with encoding done by class advisers. Access to the backend of the EdRP is strictly limited to the FEU Main EdRP administration. Only authorized personnel in the ARO are allowed to process data to general records and documents. The ARO is located in a secure office which is checked by roaming guards during off hours and weekends. Physical documents and records are kept in an archive room that is likewise secure.

Faculty and staff of FEU HS have been oriented and are periodically reminded of the importance of protecting the personal data of our stakeholders. They are trained to use the Learning Management System for online storage of class records, are provided with lockers for safekeeping of documents, and are assigned desks in secured offices that are checked by roving guards.

FEU HS strives to implement and continuously improve its systems, facilities, and the capabilities and mindset of its people to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive personal information of its students and parents or guardians.


To ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of personal data that is collected, technical and operational processes and procedures are put in place to safeguard the collected information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or destruction.


As provided by the Act, parents and guardians may object to the processing of their child’s personal data, request to access his/her personal information, and/or have it corrected, erased, or blocked on reasonable grounds.

If you have further questions or concerns regarding your privacy rights, this Notice, or any matter regarding the Data Privacy Act of 2012, you may contact our Data Protection Officer through the following details:

The Data Protection Officer

Telephone Number: +632 8849 4000 ext. 800


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