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In light of the community quarantine imposed on Luzon by the Joint Resolution Nos. 11 and 12 of the Interagency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases, series of 2020, on-campus enrollment is suspended until further notice. All students wishing to enroll during the quarantine period may still do so following the offsite enrollment procedures below. Enrollment is open until June 30, 2020.


Pay a minimum down payment of Seventeen Thousand Pesos (P17,000) to any of the school accounts below with the following details:


  • Account name: FEU High School Inc.
  • Account number: 1581 0021 29


  • Account name: FEU High School Inc.
  • Account number: 0000 2041 7047

Payments may be made to the school account through the following:

Credit card payments are now accepted.

For credit card payment request, you may fill-out this FORM. Please note that a 2.85% fee will apply.

Scan or take a clear photo of your proof of payment (ie deposit or transaction page).

Send to indicating the following:

  • What the payment is for
  • Details of payment (amount, method, bank, etc.)
  • Student’s full name
  • AdCon or Student Number

CC: if the payment is for enrollment.

Online credit card payments coming soon! Please check this website often.

  • Rm 202, High School Building, Nicanor Reyer Sr., 1015 Manila, Philippines
  • Tel No: (+632) 8-849-4000 loc. 802 (trunkline)
  • Direct Line: (+632) 8-7360018

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