New GAS Curriculum FAQs

What is GAS?

GAS, or the General Academic Strand, is one of four (4) strands of the Academic Track of Senior High School. 

Is the General Academic Strand for me? 

If you are still unsure about what course you want to take in college or if you are interested in diverse fields of study, then the GA strand is for you. 

What is new in FEU High’s new GAS curriculum? 

  1. The new GAS curriculum will now be offering 5 new fields of interest including Social Science, Tech, Science, Business, and Comm. The former fields: Tourism, Arts and Sports shall also still be offered. 
  1. Students will no longer be required to declare their concentration upon entering grade 11. They will be asked to choose one before they enter grade 12 giving students more time to explore their interests and abilities before making a decision. 
  1. Some concentrations offer specialized subjects from other strands, If motivated GAS students perform well in the prerequisite core subjects, they will be eligible to take those subjects as electives. 

I plan to take up (course) in College. Will I be able to do so if I choose the GA strand? 

Senior High School students who are graduates of any strand are eligible to enroll in any course they prefer in College, as per CHED Memorandum Order 105 s. 2017.

I planned to take up STEM, ABM, or HUMSS, but didn’t make it. Is GA the right strand for me? 

CHED mandates that graduates of any strand are eligible to enroll in any course they prefer. Our GA strand gives you a second chance at taking more specialized SHS subjects to help you prepare for college. 

The GA strand has a lot of concentrations which you can choose before entering grade 12.  

  • STEM – GA-Tech, GA-Science 
  • ABM – GA-Business 
  • HUMSS – GA-Social Science, GA-Communication 

You should note, however, that these concentrations have prerequisites. If you get good grades in the core subjects you will be eligible to choose one of these concentrations. 

Why should I take up GAS? 

GAS curriculum, like any other strand, is carefully designed for your needs. You’ll have the opportunity to discover yourself more, explore your skills, and help you gauge your interest across different specializations in the curriculum. 

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