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Programs and Courses

FEU Academy has invited a pool of experts, experienced faculty, educational partners and instructors to curate and deliver educational opportunities to suit your needs and spark your interests, perhaps put you on the path of continuous learning to help you stay abreast of the demands of markets and industries. Our programs are designed with all learners in mind –K to 12 plus—because we believe that learning can happen at all times, whether you are a college student looking for a new interest or a professional thinking of change. 

Upcoming Courses

Learning Acceleration Program (LAP) 

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisted Learning Acceleration Programs (LAP) are offered for skills building and intervention programs in Mathematics, Language Arts, and Writing in partnership with McGraw-Hill, one of the world’s leading publishing company.

Students enrolled in our program will be able to: 

  • Build their mastery on knowledge and skills with individualized AI assisted learning powered by ALEKS and RedBird 
  • Get coached by teachers from FEU High School 
  • Interact with co-students enrolled under the same program 

Enroll your child today and benefit from one of the world’s leading educational innovation. 

Learning Acceleration Program (LAP)

Math Fundamentals

This program provides effective intervention for math students at almost any level (for grades 3-12) and is powered by ALEKS. To know more about ALEKS, read here.

English Language Fundamentals

This program focuses on building mastery on the fundamental concepts in Language Arts and skills in writing through sentence construction, paragraph composition and essay composition with real world problems. The program is designed for students in almost all grade levels, thanks to the AI algorithm of RedBird. To know more about Redbird, read here.

College Math Preparedness

This program provides effective intervention for math students at almost any level (for grades 3-12) and is powered by ALEKS. To know more about ALEKS, read here.

SariHub Courses

Introduction to Remote Learning

The Intro to Remote Teaching (IRT) is a 4-week open online course for teachers who are shifting to remote instruction. IRT is a flexible asynchronous course and includes a build-along worksheet that can serve as a guide in developing remote teaching modules. This short course is equivalent to 16 hours of learning engagement.

Mindfulness and Self-Care for Teens

This course was especially developed to address stress, feelings of anxiety and other reactions that might arise in reaction to COVID-19, the uncertainty around it, and its new demands. In addition to supporting teens in managing stress daily (to help keep anxiety at bay), this course aims to help them understand and manage their own reactions to this shared experience. Finally, this class also contains mindfulness and self-care practices that can enhance both short-term coping skills and more long-term resilience. 

Introduction to Digital Photography

This introductory course in Photography is open to ages 13 and above. Students enrolled in this course will learn the fundamental concepts in Photography to create amazing photos using mobile phones, point-and-shoot cameras and/or DSLR cameras. 

Our Learning Framework


    With Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology such as ALEKS and RedBird, modules and exercises are individualized and customized according to what the student know and does not know, and what the student needs to learn and improve. 


    Celebrate small wins with immediate feedback. Furthermore, as students increase mastery of skills in Math, Language, and Writing, s/he will be more confident in school and in facing the world.  

    Student Agency

    Students are empowered to be in control of their own learning. Students learn independently at their own pace. They can keep track of their own learning progress, develop discipline, be motivated to accomplish learning goals, and develop ownership of their whole learning experience. 

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