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What is RedBird?

Redbird is a digital education developed by Standford University. It is an adaptive learning technology rooted by more than 25 years of research. Redbird personalizes the experience for each student by delivering he most appropriate path through the curriculum. Designed for Grades 2 to 7, it enables students to master the language arts and concepts and build strong foundational grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing skills.  


Concise, powerful instruction. Uses multiple instructional modalities to achieve deep understandinq of Language Arts concepts.


Adaptive, rigorous practice of learned concepts. Application of Language Arts concepts through sentence and paragraph composition, including immediate, error-specific feedback.


Synthesis of instruction and practice, Skill-building games and Writing Reviews that guide students through essay composition with real-world applications.

How does it work? 

RedBird uses artificial intelligence to determine what you know, what you don’t know, and what you are most ready to learn. It personaliozed the experience for each student by delivering the most appropriate path through the curriculum. 

Consider it as a personal virtual tutor that uses AI algorithm to help a student to master learning areas where help is needed. As soon as a student gains access to the course, s/he is given an initial placement test to assess student’s knowledge state. Depending on the results of the placement test, it’s adaptive system places the student to appropriate curricular level. 

Its modules use responsive instructional items which immediately provides students whether they are doing well or not. Incorrect responses carry hints that are specific to common errors and misconceptions and automatically trigger feedback the reveals the path to the correct answer. If students are not solving items correctly, additional items are added to provide more practice, otherwise, items sets contract and fewer items are presented. It changes learning pathway and provides multiple forms of instructions to help meet the needs of students. 

Initial Placement Test 

Once you log in, you will take a brief tutorial on how to use the system. Next, you will complete the placement test. Its purpose is to figure out what you know and don’t know, so that you can begin with material you are ready to learn. 

Take the Placement Test honestly and seriously so that the system can accurately measure your knowledge of the course material.  

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FEU Academy Courses Powered by RedBird:

English Language Fundamentals

This program focuses on building mastery on the fundamental concepts in Language Arts and skills in writing through sentence construction, paragraph composition and essay composition with real world. Learn more

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