Grade 12 students soar high at its first local work immersion with OMNI Aviation  - FEU High School

Grade 12 students soar high at its first local work immersion with OMNI Aviation 

April 4, 2024
Published: 5:24 pm April 4, 2024 | Updated: 5:24 pm April 4, 2024

FEU High School students engaged in aircraft management and aircrew training; a prestigious profession highly sought after in the country

STEM, HUMSS, ABM, and GAS students had an in-depth work experience in the aviation field with OMNI Academy. Photo by: Chloie Rodriguez 

FEU High School, in partnership with OMNI AVIATION, conducted its first local work immersions at OMNI Academy in OMNI Aviation Complex in Clarkfield, Angeles City, Pampanga from January 23 to 27, 2024, marking a significant milestone in providing experiential learning opportunities for high school students in aviation and aerospace.  

Thirty-six (36) Grade 12 students from all strands participated in the immersive program, engaging in hands-on simulations and gaining invaluable insights from industry professionals. This work immersion not only augmented students’ knowledge but also served as a catalyst for their aspirations in the aviation industry, broadening their horizons beyond classroom setting. 

Furthermore, FEU High School’s partnerships with numerous local industries and international institutions also allows students to gain practical experience in various businesses while addressing the diverse economic demands of the country, including those in unperceived fields. 

Reflecting on her experience, Grade 12 Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) strand student Amanda Jane Malaluan remarked, “This opportunity made me realize that there’s so much outside school and my aspirations, there’s so much to learn and experience. I learned that it takes passion, support, and great guts to get into this industry. We learned about aerodynamics, navigation, aircraft systems, aviation regulations, and safety protocols.” 

Grade 12 STEM strand students underwent on-hand training in Aircraft Maintenance Course using the Cessna single engine, the essential and foremost flight training aircraft for student pilots. The course includes a discussion and practical on general engine familiarization, human factors in aviation training, introduction and actual to engine run-up and taxi, flight simulations, ground handling, and emergency response procedures. 

Simultaneously, students from the Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM), Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS), and General Academic Strand (GAS) strands were immersed in Airport Passenger Ground Services and Basic Flight Attendant Training. This focuses on the Introduction to the Airport and Airline industry, airline ground operations, airline grooming, and practical drills on passenger acceptance, boarding announcement, classification of dangerous goods, and inflight services for economy class.  

“I grabbed on to the OMNI Work Immersion because it offered the opportunity to gain experience as a flight attendant. The most memorable part of the work immersion was receiving practical training to do certain flight attendant duties. The joy I experienced while pushing carts, checking people in, and making announcements on the plane has increased my desire to stick with this line of work,” Grade 12 ABM strand student Rod Marc Empuerto expressed. 

In addition to this, four faculty representatives also underwent OMNI Aviation’s certification training as part of FEU High School’s commitment to faculty development, ensuring a holistic approach to education.  

Ms. Mary Grace Dela Cruz and Mr. Karim Esmael, Chemistry and Biology teachers respectively, completed the Aircraft Maintenance course with the STEM strands students. On the other hand, Ms. Chloie Rodriguez and Ms. Anna Ferrer, teachers from the ABM strand, finished the Cabin Crew Training. 

Ms. Mary Grace Dela Cruz shared how important it is to immerse yourself in different experiences to educate students. “As teachers, it’s very important for us to have opportunities like this that broaden our perspectives and allow us to share new insights with our students, especially about professions like aviation which are often overlooked. Going through this experience hasn’t just improved our skills, it’s also motivated us to help our students grow and learn even more effectively,” she said. 

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