STEM students shine at OlymPHYSICS and Quantumania - FEU High School

STEM students shine at OlymPHYSICS and Quantumania

May 29, 2024
Published: 11:39 am May 29, 2024 | Updated: 3:53 pm June 10, 2024

FEU High School students rank 6th and 12th in prestigious competitions, besting over 70 schools

Six Grade 12 STEM students impress at both competitions against public and private schools in Metro Manila. Photo by: Jabel La Torre 

Six Grade 12 STEM students from FEU High School have made their mark in the competitive arena of physics and mathematics. Muhammad Ali, Vhien Anuta, Zed Ferrer, Sam Madeja, Noel Ocampo, and Aaron Verceles showcased their exceptional talents by achieving remarkable placements in two competitions. They secured 6th place out of 72 schools in the National Capital Region (NCR) at the 16th Technological Institute of the Philippines Quezon City (TIP QC) OlymPHYSICS held on March 8, 2024, and 12th place among 79 schools in Metro Manila at the 2nd Annual Quantumania: A Math and Physics Showdown held at TIP Manila on April 22, 2024. 

Both competitions were designed to push the boundaries of physics application for senior high school students. The students navigated through challenging rounds, from elimination quiz bees to practical problem-solving challenges, demonstrating their depth of understanding and analytical skills. 

Training for these contests was intensive, especially given the limited preparation time. Aaron Verceles shared, “In the span of almost a month, we delved into topics like electromagnetism, mechanics, thermodynamics, and optics. We created various projects, from hollow paper towers to a mini refrigerator and a card bridge, among others. I also dedicated time to self-review, balancing academics alongside. Overall, training with the team was enjoyable, fostering interactions and the making of new friends.”  

The OlymPHYSICS and Quantumania competitions comprised two levels. The elimination round, functioning as a quiz bee, selected the top 30 schools to proceed to the final round. Out of the 72 schools, FEU High School secured a spot in the top 30 and advanced to the final round.

Despite the challenges, their success at both OlymPHYSICS and Quantumania proved their dedication, talent, and passion for STEM education. The team is grateful for the support of their coaches, Mr. Jabel La Torre and Ms. Mary Grace Dela Cruz, as they faced fierce competition. “The support of our coaches boosted the team’s morale, especially during difficult rounds,” Aaron added. The students showed resilience, critical thinking, and exceptional teamwork, earning recognition for their outstanding achievements. 

Noel Ocampo shared how FEU High School has further supported them in their pursuits, which played a crucial role in the team’s success. “The library really helped me. Most of the time after classes, I go straight to the library to read on some physics books that I think have great explanations. The school’s supportive teachers encouraged us to join and prepare for these competitions. It really helped me further to achieve and learn about my skills and potential,” he said. 

The team expressed their gratitude for all the support and guidance they received despite the limitations and struggles they faced in preparation for both competitions. “We deeply appreciate the guidance and tailored training provided by our coaches. I would like to thank everyone who supported us, and we may not have achieved this position without them,” Zed Ferrer shared. 

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