#KwentongBabyTams: Scholar Spotlight, Alec’s self-determination

October 8, 2021
Published: 6:00 pm October 8, 2021 | Updated: 2:10 pm October 1, 2021

“Hello, FEU HS. Hello, world! I know that you will give me different experiences and wisdom, and you will take me around the world.”

Alec, a STEM freshman, describes himself as the “dark horse”, especially during his Junior High School years. He was not an active student nor an achiever in elementary school but in JHS, he surprised his family and friends by becoming the class valedictorian.  

However, despite all his awards and achievements in JHS, he did not feel the confidence and full support from the people around him.  He shared how his classmates and friends doubted him and didn’t see his potential in achieving great things. The lack of trust and support from his circle affected his mental health. Nevertheless, this motivated him to do better. Graduating with the highest honors from junior high opened a lot of opportunities for Alec, including qualifying for an FEU HS AA Gold Scholarship.  

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a burden to many Filipino families, including Alec’s. To his mother, who is an overseas Filipino worker (OFW), the FEU HS Academic Achievement Scholarship has been a great help to ensure that she’s able to manage their finances to support their family and her children’s education. 

FEU High School is Alec’s top school choice for senior high. He trusts that the FEU HS will enable him to be #FEUture ready as he prepares himself to become an architect. He looks forward to taking up architecture when he enters college hopefully at the Far Eastern University. 

Entering FEU HS brought him high hopes in further discovering his potential and gaining self-confidence. He is now part of the Creative Committee of FEU HS One Psych Community, a student organization dedicated to promoting mental health awareness and he is now aiming to become part of the Student Government. He is very excited for the opportunities that FEUHS will give him as a student scholar.   

#KwentongBabyTams: Scholar Spotlight, Alec’s self-determination

Hello, FEU HS. Hello, world! I know that you will give me different experiences and wisdom, and you will take me around the world.” 

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