7 Things you need to know about The FEU HS Way of Learning this coming S.Y. 2020-2021 - FEU High School

7 Things you need to know about The FEU HS Way of Learning this coming S.Y. 2020-2021

May 28, 2020
Published: 7:15 am May 28, 2020 | Updated: 8:12 am June 8, 2020

FEU High School, during this new normal, continues to foster an environment of community and learning by employing an appropriate combination of technology and pedagogies that target lower-order to higher-order thinking skills.

Since 2015, FEU High School has been delivering its curriculum using a blended mode of learning. Powered by Canvas, our official Learning Management System, we are able to allow our students to access their modules, take quizzes, submit homework, interact with their classmates and teachers, and participate in discussions at their own pace and own time. With the threats imposed by COVID-19, FEU HS ensures the safety of its school community while still creating an environment for our students to learn, live, and experience the #FEUHighAdvantage. Here are 7 things that every FEU HS student needs to know before the school year starts: 

1. The FEU High School Learning Experience (FEULE)

FEULE is an instructional strategy and a type of blended learning where content acquisition occurs at home with the aid of technology while learning is enriched and practiced at school. Blended Learning has been part of our “old normal”, thanks to Canvas. The FEULE for this SY 2020-2021 allows students to access modules, quizzes and do homework at their own pace (asynchronous), and participate in scheduled live check-in sessions with their teacher and classmates to see how well they are doing with lessons and assessments (synchronous).  

2. Full access to Canvas and Microsoft 365 Office Applications 

All FEU HS students are given access to Canvas, the official Learning Management System of FEU HS, and the Microsoft Office 365 Suite. Canvas allows teachers and students to experience learning in an engaging manner in a digital environment. All instructional materials, resources, quizzes, exams, submission of requirements, attendance monitoring, grades recording, and even student-teacher interaction are done all in one single application. Canvas comes with a mobile application version for both students and parents so that they can monitor what is happening in the learning environment and check student performance.  

Learning, creativity, and collaboration is made even better with free access to Microsoft Office 365 Suite applications such as Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Teams, Sway, and more! 

3. Teachers trained for FEULE

Although Flipped Classroom might be new to some, it has been part of the FEU High School curriculum since 2015 and our faculty are trained to deliver blended learning. Every year, our faculty undergo a series of professional development programs geared towards upskilling and reskilling both in content and pedagogy. We make sure that we are updated with the latest trends, theories, and approaches to 21st-century learning. We also ensure that our teachers are well-trained in designing learning materials that suit different learning styles of our students. We are maximizing this summer break to ensure that our teachers as well as our staff are ready as we transition to our new normal this coming school year. 

4. Learn at your own convenience 

With this modality of learning, students have greater control of how gradual or quickly they learn. Students can access modules, e-learning materials, quizzes, announcements, and activities anytime they need to as long as they have access to internet. Assessments must be submitted on deadlines set by their subject teachers. They can also download materials for offline use. Instructional materials are in forms of audio, video, recorded video lectures, handouts, e-books, etc. All instructional materials, including video and audio presented in the course will have corresponding text versions (pdf) in case the student encounters issues with internet connection.  

5. Less time online with scheduled check-ins 

To lighten the worries of our students, The FEULE is delivered mainly in asynchronous mode. Students may be required to attend check-in sessions which may last up to 30 minutes per subject but not more than 4 hours for all subjects combined in a day. Subject teachers may not require regular daily check-ins. These sessions are scheduled and are announced ahead so students can plan their schedules, too. Check-in sessions are online video conference sessions delivered through Microsoft Teams and are dedicated to learning enrichment, problem-solving, skills development, instruction on difficult learning areas, assessments, progress checking, interactive activities, and sharing/feedback. 

6. Teacher-coach 

Teachers now take the roles of learning facilitators and coaches. Since instruction may be done with recorded lecture videos, modules, and handouts, teachers will have more time to check student progress and deepen the understanding of content.  During check-ins and consultation periods, teachers can ensure that their students gained mastery of contents, focus on difficult learning areas, develop skills, entertain questions, facilitate sharing sessions, and focus on students who are struggling with their lessons. Homeroom advisers are also available during consultation periods should students need their assistance. 

7. Fosters Collaboration and Creativity Skills 

Our school community is equipped with innovative technology that fosters 21st century skills. Despite the absence of face-to-face interactions in this time of pandemic, students can work on activities individually and in groups through innovative tools and approaches in which our teachers are well-trained for. Our curriculum is designed with activities that allows students to connect and collaborate with their peers, express their inner creativity, practice communication skills, build their confidence, and empower them to be #FEUtureReady. 

FEU High School, during this new normal, continues to foster an environment of community and learning by employing an appropriate combination of technology and pedagogies that target lower-order to higher-order thinking skills. Learn, Live, and Experience the #FEUHighAdvantage. #LearningOnlineSince2015. 

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