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FEU High School wins champion in first TAGISAYSAYAN 2024 appearance

March 13, 2024
Published: 4:15 pm March 13, 2024 | Updated: 3:54 pm June 10, 2024

Norberto Luis Calimag and Jean Clarence Quebec clinches win in the annual quiz bee hosted by the University of the Philippines Manila

Ten high schools in Metro Manila join the battle of brains in TAGISAYSAYAN 2024 
Photo by Audrey Jeremae Basa 

Grade 12 Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS) strand students Norberto Luis Calimag and Jean Clarence Quebec won in TAGISAYSAYAN 2024, an annual quiz bee event hosted by the University of the Philippines Manila’s College of Arts and Sciences – Organization of Area Studies Majors last February 28, 2024, besting amongst ten high schools in Metro Manila on its first time joining the competition.  

TAGISAYSAYAN is an annual quiz bee competition on the Geography and History of the Philippines and Asia by the Organization of Area Studies Majors, the academic and socio-civic organization of UP Manila. FEU High School dominated all difficult levels of the competition, winning the tiebreaker round against Universidad de Manila, leading to the quiz bee overall win. 

Though successfully victorious, both participants shared the challenges they faced preparing for the competition. “There are some minor details that were not taught back in elementary and high school. We were advised to read more additional materials and guided well by our coaches, and I am very grateful to the people who supported our team as it motivated us especially on the day of the competition,” Fil said. 

Fil and Clarence prepared for one week and trained with their coaches, Audrey Jeremae Basa and Arthur Bandolin, Jr. They were also aided with additional review materials such as online references and historical documentaries to strengthen their comprehension of the area of study. 

Despite the challenges they faced as they had less than a week to review and mentally prepare for the quiz bee, the team performed well and bagged victory during the quiz bee event.  

“I would like to thank our institution, FEU High School, for giving its students and me, an inclusive opportunity to join such events or competitions that enable our full potential and eventually, achievements,” Clarence expressed. 

TAGISAYSAYAN aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of Senior High School students on history and geography, promoting the Area Studies Program to the participants who will soon step into college and fostering a greater appreciation for the field. 

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