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FEU HS Faculty: Becoming Creative and Innovative through Design Thinking

August 17, 2021
Published: 11:40 am August 17, 2021 | Updated: 11:40 am August 17, 2021

The introduction of the Design Thinking concept has undeniably challenged the faculty in thinking various activities that would help them effectively deliver the subject matter without sacrificing both the quality and fun aspect of the teaching-learning process.

Part of this year’s in-service training of FEU High School is the series of online seminar about Introduction to Design Thinking that was held on July 12-13. FEU High School invited HABI, a team of teachers, designers, and researchers who aim to help other people in improving the process of how people learn. This seminar was attended by the teaching force of FEU High School and aimed towards getting its teachers on-board to the concept of Design Thinking being applied to the classroom setting. Design Thinking, as defined by HABI, is a human-centered, structured, but messy and iterative approach to finding and solving problems. HABI discussed and introduced the concept, as well as provided examples of Manghahabi Cards in action that served as the highlight of the seminar. These were shown through presenting activities highlighting the application of the Design Thinking model to various parts of the teaching-learning process. 

The introduction of the Design Thinking concept has undeniably challenged the faculty in thinking various activities that would help them effectively deliver the subject matter without sacrificing both the quality and fun aspect of the teaching-learning process. The time spent in the seminars were made even more productive when the faculty were tasked to create their own sample of lessons applying the Design Thinking models including its four phases: Himayin ang konteksto, Ambagan ng Ideya, Bumuo ng Prototype, and Ipakita surrin, at Ayusin. Afterwards, outputs were presented to the rest of the faculty of different clusters. The sharing turned out to be a good opportunity to share to other disciplines what could be done and what are the possible best practices from one cluster that other clusters could also apply in delivering their subject matter. After the seminar, most of the faculty were encouraged to revisit and revise their existing essential maps and other instructional materials to offer activities that will challenge their students while enjoying learning. 

Overall, the seminar has been very helpful for the faculty having been introduced to a new mechanism in designing the process of learning of their respective discipline. Student experience was the main consideration of most of the faculty in choosing activities for delivering a lesson. It enables them to reflect on the intent of the Design Thinking and how important is their role in creating an effective curriculum for students. Design Thinking empowers the teachers to become creative and innovative with our lessons and activities that will promote quality and meaningful teaching-learning experience. 

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