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FEU HS Faculty Gearing Towards FEULE

June 26, 2020
Published: 2:31 am June 26, 2020 | Updated: 2:31 am June 26, 2020

Every year, our faculty undergoes a series of professional development programs geared towards upskilling and reskilling both in content and pedagogy. We make sure that our teachers are updated with the latest trends, theories and approaches to 21st century learning, and that our students are #FEUtureReady.

FEU HS announced the delivery of alternative mode of learning this coming SY 2020-2021. Although Blended Learning has been part of our curriculum since 2015, our faculty wished to ensure that they will be well-prepared and well-equipped to deliver the FEU High School Learning Experience (FEULE) on July 27, 2020.

Since April, our teachers have been going through a series of remote professional development training programs that aim to assist them in preparing the modules, instruction materials, and assessments for e-learning courses.

Preparing Instructional Materials

The first three (3) trainings delivered in April 20 to May 20 focused on assisting our faculty in designing and developing courses for online delivery with the use of Canvas and Microsoft Office 365 applications and were aligned with the required learning competencies and standards set by DepEd. Since our inception, Canvas and Microsoft have been in the forefront of the technological tools integrated in FEU HS curriculum. Your teachers are now designing your instructional materials in forms of recorded lectures, Canvas modules, audio and handouts.

Writing Online Assessments

Assessment is one of the most important aspect that our teachers need to prepare for an e-learning course. Your learning performance is monitored and evaluated through formative and summative assessments. As learning experience designers, our teachers are understanding how to design engaging and effective assessment tools for your written and performance tasks. In the series of trainings from May 20-22, they were trained on using Canvas and Microsoft applications in creating online assessments and as platforms for individual and collaborative group activities.

Teaching for the 21st Century Learners

Despite the absence of face-to-face interactions in this time of pandemic, teachers shall continue to facilitate the learning process among their students. Our teachers are attending webinars from accredited training providers to know the different pedagogies and teaching styles appropriate for delivering lessons in both asynchronous and synchronous modes, as well as to aid them in designing activities and learning materials that suit the different learning styles of our students. Echoing of webinar sessions will also be delivered during the June INSET.

All Set for INSET

This June, the Academic Affairs Office will conduct a month-long In-service Training for faculty which mainly focuses on preparing our teachers for the so-called new normal in the educational landscape due to the pandemic. This will be done in synchronous and asynchronous sessions. This year’s INSET highlights building a community of teachers-as-learners by informing them with relevant policies, understanding the current situation of learners at home, equipping them with essential knowledge and skills in delivering lessons during pandemic, and giving value to sharing of best practices, echoing of new learnings, and engaging in feedback sessions.

Every year, our faculty undergoes a series of professional development programs geared towards upskilling and reskilling both in content and pedagogy. We make sure that our teachers are updated with the latest trends, theories, and approaches to 21st-century learning, and that our students are #FEUtureReady.

“At first, I was shocked because I had doubts on myself if I can really teach on a full online class. But, I made those doubts as a challenge which can help me to be a better educator and a better learning facilitator. The series of training was very helpful to me, and made me more confident in teaching this coming year, I am more equipped on making modules, PPT, and study guides – essential things for the online class. With the training and preparation I had, I am eager to teach the incoming students of FEU High School! I will make it sure that the students will definitely enjoy FEULE!” — Mr. Mark ”Sir B” Batas, STEM Faculty

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