FEU High School sets students aboard interactive and experiential learning with SAILS  - FEU High School

FEU High School sets students aboard interactive and experiential learning with SAILS 

December 1, 2023
Published: 9:03 am December 1, 2023 | Updated: 11:59 am December 1, 2023

FEU HS presents the Student Alternative Integrated Learning Sessions this school year

FEU High School’s SPARTAMS during the second round of SAILS

FEU High School (FEU HS) introduces interactive and experiential activities and exciting topics to students as they launch the Student Alternative Integrated Learning Sessions (SAILS) this school year. This provides various learning activities beyond academics and creates a more dynamic and worthwhile experience for students to continue seeing the joy of learning through these hands-on activities with real-world applications, addressing the needs of the students.  

SAILS promotes the numerous interests of students, further enhancing their positive learning engagement and promoting learning exploration. In addition to strand-related activities, the sessions introduced creative and performing arts, e-sports, industry leadership and trends, and diverse advocacies such as Anti-Bullying, Mental Health, and HIV and AIDS Prevention and Education. Student organizations are also able to mingle and promote their initiatives to the student body. 

“While we guide our students to excel academically, our goal is to create a safe space where they can not only enhance their talents and skills but also uncover valuable insights that extend beyond the confines of the classroom,” Academic Services and Student Affairs (ASSA) Coordinator Mr. Paolo Carmelo A. Victoria said. 

With the first year of its implementation, SAILS nurtures not only the career and skills development of students but also personal growth and the holistic well-being of the community. This also emphasizes cultural enrichment and enhances focus and productivity of students when performing in class. 

Students shared that they found themselves immersed in the enjoyable activities as they socialized and joined the sessions and felt more motivated and more connected to the world of knowledge. Additionally, students are able showcase their talents and further improve their skills with the activities and opportunities in the inclusive and diverse environment created by the community. 

“SAILS is not just a mere seminar; it has been a fruitful activity that balances the fun yet knowledgeable aspect of the topic. This has had a lot of lesson impact that is very helpful and has added more knowledge to the understanding that I already have. FEU High School is truly a welcoming and warm place for everyone to feel accepted and comfortable with one another and themselves,” a student expressed.  

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