Introducing TamSpace: Powered by Canvas and Microsoft 365

July 3, 2020
Published: 3:00 am July 3, 2020 | Updated: 3:00 am July 3, 2020

Aside from Canvas and Microsoft Office 365, FEU HS has been using learning resource products from McGraw-Hill, one of the largest learning resource publishers and most awarded instructional solutions today.

As FEU High School gears towards FEULE, it is our commitment to provide our students with the best learning environment they can have right in the palm of their hands.  Introducing TamSpace, the official learning management environment of FEU High School this SY. 2020-2021. 

Though FEU HS has been implementing Blended Learning since 2015, thanks to Canvas, we are leveling up from simply using a learning management system (LMS) as an enhancing resource to drawing up a learning management environment (LME) at the front and center of curriculum delivery. TamSpace is powered by the integrated use of Canvas and Microsoft Office 365. Using their FEU HS accounts, students can conveniently access all their subjects on Canvas online anytime and anywhere. All their learning needs like course syllabus, video lectures, presentations, readings, assignments, quizzes, and records of grades and attendance are available in the course site. With this, students have greater control of their learning. 

TamSpace isn’t just a passive platform. It is a virtual space that connects the whole FEU HS community for both learning and socialization. Microsoft Office 365 applications like MS Teams allows communication among their teachers and classmates. With Teams, chat, video-meeting, file storage, and collaboration are made possible. Furthermore, cloud-based applications of Microsoft like OneDrive, Powerpoint, and Word allow students to engage and collaborate with their classmates remotely during group or paired activities. With TamSpace, FEU HS teachers can continue to be a nurturing influence in their students’ lives by being able to virtually check on their students, host or direct class activities, and conduct one-on-one consultations. 

Aside from Canvas and Microsoft Office 365, FEU HS has been using learning resource products from McGraw-Hill, one of the largest learning resource publishers and most awarded instructional solutions today. ALEKS or Assessment and LEarning Knowledge Spaces is a web-based assessment and learning system that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to customize student learning. It uses adaptive questioning to track what a student knows or does not know in a subject, then, presents to the student only the set of topics s/he is ready to learn at a given time. Consider it as a personal virtual tutor that uses AI algorithm to help a student to master learning areas where help is needed. This school year, students taking General Mathematics and the Fundamentals of Accountancy, Business and Management (FABM) 1 and 2 will experience this in TamSpace. (Watch this video to learn more about ALEKS). 

We couldn’t be more excited to let our FEU HS community learn, live, and experience the #FEUHighAdvantage. 

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