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#KwentongBabyTam: Gavin’s Story

May 13, 2022
Published: 4:50 pm May 13, 2022 | Updated: 4:37 pm June 10, 2022

“…I find the coding curriculum at FEU HS JHS Program to be very beneficial… equips students like me with the basic skills needed in computer programming.”

Hello! I am Gavin Bernales. I consider myself an introvert. I love staying at home, reading books, watching movies, and sometimes playing board and card games with my brother. Before entering junior high school, I was more focused on non-academic things which made me complacent instead of pushing myself to perform even better. 

I chose FEU High School because of its reputation in providing quality education through a variety of programs and activities, and having competent teachers. I learned about FEU HS’ Junior High School Program on Facebook. Later, a friend told my parents that the school was offering scholarship programs. The scholarship that was granted to me is helpful to my family because it gave me the opportunity to enroll in a prestigious learning institution minus the expensive tuition fees. 

As a freshman in JHS, I discovered that I can be more independent in doing my schoolwork. I also learned more about technology. To begin with, I was introduced to different online learning platforms such as Canvas, Teams, ALEKS, and IXL.  

I found the PETAs extra challenging because of the deadlines. To address this challenge, I created a bulletin board at home as a guide so I know what to prioritize without missing any requirement that I must deliver. 

Moreover, I found the coding curriculum of FEU HS JHS Program to be very beneficial. We all know that coding is the foundation of computers and technological advancements and is very relevant in today’s digital age. The coding curriculum equips students like me with the basic skills needed in computer programming.

Thank you FEU High School because you have helped me and my family so much in so many ways. 

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