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#KwentongBabyTam: Melquiades’ Story

June 9, 2022
Published: 8:37 am June 9, 2022 | Updated: 4:39 pm June 10, 2022

“…I also learned new methods on how teachers train their students, as well as methods that help us to be independent and strive to be the best version of ourselves. Through the coding curriculum, I learned more skills than I could have imagined…”

I am a person who loves stationery objects, and am into gaming whenever I have free time. I am also interested in certain topics like how space came to be and how this universe works. As for hobbies, I am into designing which I share on Canva, for presentations, infographics, or even wallpapers! When it comes to personality, I am a serious person and am the type who is quiet at first. But when you get to know me, I am definitely more open in talking about who I am. Before I got into Junior High School, I would describe myself as a ‘school’ person. But now, I learned to enjoy every moment that goes beyond the 4 corners of the classroom. 

I learned about FEU JHS through my parents and now here I am, an academic scholar which helped my family’s finances. It motivated me strive for the best that I can and reach for my dreams not only as a scholar but more importantly, as an individual who will find my place in the future. 

FEU Junior High School is where I discovered my love for music. I also realized that music is my comfort zone which will always be there for me.

Honestly, a lot challenged me as an FEU JHS student. One thing that made me strive the most is the number of requirements we need to finish within the  limited time. Nevertheless, our teachers never failed to motivate us by giving us the courage and strength to finish tasks on schedule. I also saw how teachers train us students to be independent and be the best version of ourselves. With the coding curriculum, I learned more skills than I could ever have imagined. Learning to code prepares me for the new world of technology, and teaches me how I can be a good problem solver. 

I would like to thank FEU High School because I learned to be more independent and be responsible for my actions now that I am a high school student. At the end of the day, I can say that the institution is able to guide me in the path to be the best version of myself. 

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