FEU High School launches its new GAS Curriculum for S.Y. 2020-2021

April 28, 2020
Published: 3:32 am April 28, 2020 | Updated: 5:35 am June 22, 2020

FEU High School believes that offering the options to GAS students allows them to rediscover themselves, understand what they need for their educational goals, and prepare them for the college courses they wish to pursue without the pressure of having to decide as early as grade 10.

Starting S.Y. 2020-2021, FEU High School (FEU HS) will offer a new General Academic Strand (GAS) curriculum that allows students to select a set of electives based on their preferred field of interest by the time they are promoted to Grade 12. These sets of electives were curated by FEU HS to keep them aligned with competencies acquired in specialized strands and degrees offered in FEU higher education schools. 

While the other three (3) strands are career-specific, the General Academic Strand is intended for those students who are still undecided about the specialization they intend to pursue. FEU HS believes that GAS can offer equal opportunities and the #FEUHighAdvantage other strands can. 

In addition to the previous Tourism, Sports, and Arts fields, the new GAS curriculum will now be offering 5 new fields of interests including GA-Social Science, GA-Tech, GA-Science, GA-Business, and GA-Communications. The corresponding free electives for each of the fields are listed below: 

Field of Interest Electives 
Tourism Tourism Promotions 1 and Tourism Promotions 2 
Arts and Design Creative Industries 1 and Creative Industries 2 
Sports and Health Human Movement and First Aid 
Social Science Disciplines in the Social Sciences and Disciplines in the Applied Social Sciences 
*Tech Pre-calculus and Physics 1 
*Science Biology 1 and Chemistry 1 
*Business Business Mathematics and Fundamentals of Accounting and Business Management 1 
*Communications Creative Non-Fiction and Disciplines in the Applied Social Sciences 

*Note: These electives have eligibility requirements based on grades in prerequisite subjects 

Because Senior High School students who are graduates of the General Academic Strand are eligible to enroll in any course they prefer in college (as per CHED Memorandum Order 105 s. 2017), FEU High School believes that offering the options to GAS students allows them to rediscover themselves, understand what they need for their educational goals, and prepare them for the college courses they wish to pursue without the pressure of having to decide as early as grade 10. 

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