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Your Online Math Tutor: What is FEU Academy McGraw-Hill’s ALEKS?

November 16, 2020
Published: 1:46 pm November 16, 2020 | Updated: 3:37 pm November 19, 2020

“The lessons on ALEKS are aligned to the Philippine curriculum. Its adaptive technology helps teachers identify instructional gaps and personalize learning paths for each student. Through this, parents are assured that their children are brought to the right learning path,” said Myla Katzav, General Manager of Ideacademy Inc and McGraw-Hill Representative in the Philippines.

Math is a subject with numerous abstract concepts which require patience and persistence to master. Students need to learn basic and prerequisite skills before they can understand succeeding, higher concepts. In the 2018 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) report by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Philippines scored below Level 1 proficiency in Mathematical literacy and ranked 78th out of the 79 countries who participated in the assessment. This is why many students need to put in extra effort and get help to understand math. One way to learn and gain a better understanding of math is to through the assistance of a tutor. Whether a student is studying to enhance basic math skills or to prepare for college entrance examinations, FEU Academy offers the math learning help needed through an online platform! 

Math online courses at FEU Academy are open for students in Grade 3 and above. These are offered through a web-based assessment and learning system called ALEKS (Assessment and LEarning Knowledge Spaces) by McGraw-Hill. McGraw-Hill is one of the “big three” educational publishers that provide customized educational content, software, and services. Students can use ALEKS for learning math any time of the day, so they can study at their own pace and convenience. The subscription goes as low as Php 500 per month.  

“The lessons on ALEKS are aligned to the Philippine curriculum. Its adaptive technology helps teachers identify instructional gaps and personalize learning paths for each student. Through this, parents are assured that their children are brought to the right learning path,” said Myla Katzav, General Manager of Ideacademy Inc and McGraw-Hill Representative in the Philippines. 

ALEKS uses artificial intelligence (AI) to customize the student’s learning experience. It was first integrated in FEU High School’s General Mathematics and Fundamentals of Accountancy, Business, and Managament (FABM) subjects in school year 2020-2021. According to Stephanie Mutuc, FEU HS Executive Director, integrating AI-based learning platforms is in line with FEU High School’s commitment to forming future-ready students who are capacitated to become their best selves.  

“AI-assisted platforms [like ALEKS] are efficient and effective because the mastery path is customized to the learner. They [help] build confidence because the learners can see how they are progressing in their mastery of the subject. And they develop agency because the independent self-learning process makes the students own their learning goals,” said Dr. Michael M. Alba, FEU President.  

What our students say about ALEKS 

With three months of using ALEKS, students in FEU HS reported more confidence in learning mathematics and accountancy. 82% of FEU HS students surveyed expressed agreement that ALEKS made them more confident in their Gen Math and FABM subjects. 

“ALEKS is a marvelous companion to have especially if you are having difficulties in mathematics. The instructions are precise and clearly written making understanding topics easier and answering questions effortless. ALEKS also allows me to monitor my progress and create a personalized learning plan so the lessons I will learn are based on my skills and how I can improve them.” – Randy, Grade 11 STEM 

“Because of ALEKS, I enhanced my skills in math especially in solving equations and reasoning. The lessons are very engaging and amazing. It motivates me to be more productive and to be a critical thinker. It also helps me in real-life situations because I know and believe that “math is everywhere.” – Eric, Grade 11 STEM 

“ALEKS helped me remember lessons that I encounter in our classes and learn new things that I need. The knowledge test after every lesson is especially useful. Whenever I do not get the correct answer, ALEKS will repeat that part of the lesson until I master it. While ALEKS is helping me, I am also helping myself to learn independently.” – Krizel, Grade 11 STEM 

“Every lesson on ALEKS explains topics and ideas in our General Mathematics subject. It is user-friendly, and I like that it is self-paced.” – Franz, Grade 11 STEM 

“In a span of 3 months using ALEKS, I can say that [it] really helped me [understand] the connections between the activities done in ALEKS and our lessons in our General Mathematics subject. The activities done in ALEKS may look simple, but the activities done can be applied in other classes. Furthermore, I also learn the basic concepts that are not mentioned in my previous school.” – Ysabelle, Grade 11 STEM 

About FEU Academy’s Learning Acceleration Program (LAP) 

ALEKS is one of the two AI-enabled platforms used in LAP. LAP is offered for skills building and intervention programs in Mathematics, Language Arts, and Writing. It is powered by McGraw-Hill’s ALEKS and RedBird which are both web-based assessment and adaptive learning systems. These learning tools are grounded in more than 25 years of research and analytics from the world’s top universities. 

“These platforms point to how education will be conducted in the future: customized to the individual student, preparing each to navigate and thrive in the disruptive 21st century world of work and life,” said Dr. Alba. 

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